Friday, September 16, 2011


One thing which steampunk is bringing back to the world is the hat. It's an important bit of clothing, worn by every culture in every time period since men started making tools, yet in the past hundred years they've fallen completely out of fashion. Baseball caps do not count, especially if worn backwards or sideways, that's actually pushing hats lower on the fashion scale than wearing none at all.

Hats are style. As Neil Gaiman wrote in Anansi Boys, "...all you need to wear a hat is attitude..." If you can wear a hat without feeling silly in it, it makes you look good.

So, here are some good places to look, when you start shopping for hats.

These men's hats from Museum Replicas cover all your basic needs. Museum Replicas also has an excellent collection of other costuming odds and ends. I especially like their leather greatcoat.

Naturally Etsy is a great place to look. Shops like caribbeanrosepirate (pictured above)


and rosewoodstitches, provide a wide variety of hats, mostly in women's styles.

If your tastes run to the wildly decorative, you might want to give the House of Wormwood a look (pictured above and below).

There is a hat to suit every steampunk style. Just remember, it's all about attitude.

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