Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prologue, starting with a bang.

I just finished the first draft of my prologue. I'm pretty happy with it. Looking back at it I appear to be awfully bloodthirsty. Two people died in my first novel now I've killed one major character and a few million strangers in the space of four manuscript pages. Things ought to quiet down somewhat for the rest of the book. More people will die certainly, just not in such numbers.

I spent part of the morning doing research on Napoleonic wars, Austrian emperors and steampunk. I found The Steampunk Empire a steampunk community full of blogs and forums and such.

Why does steampunk resonate with some people? Is it the style? Certainly a hoodie from Wal-Mart does not compare to a brass-buttoned trench coat with piping and epaulettes. Is it the attention to detail? Hand crafted brass and steel as opposed to injected plastic lead-painted crap from the Far East.

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