Friday, January 28, 2011

The Progress Bar 4

Four weeks I have been keeping track here. The manuscript has gone from a measly 9,840 words to 56,265, long enough to fit the guidelines for young-adult literature. Another 10-15k and the first draft will be almost done, I plan to backfill a little in some areas that need it, which will likely bring the total to 75,000 or so.

This week Konrad and Zylphia were doing their best to blend in with high society, thus the masquerade mask. The mask symbolizes the turning point to the final conflict, where every moment in the book starts to get more intense than the last. It is not looking good for our heroes at the moment, the shit just hit the fan and things are getting messy.

One of our heroic friends will die the next time I write, others may soon follow.

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