Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: Pocket Watches

I love pocket watches, always have. There's something special about the feeling of a watch in your hand, pulling it out, popping the face open to read it, winding it. It's like how you often hear about pipe smokers, how they can give up the nicotine more easily than they can give up the routine necessary to smoke and keep the pipe in good working order.

This pocketwatch is known as La Cueillette des Cerises. It is a one of a kind from around 1800. Beautiful, but impractical, I don't think anyone would dare actually carry it around for fear of damaging it. Still, if I could have any pocket watch in the world, this would be in the running.

This is more what I'd like to carry on a regular basis. A nice, solid antique watch. This one, by Jaeger leCoultre was manufactured around 1890. It also has the Hunter configuration I prefer, where the face opens to the side, and the winding mechanism is at the three o'clock position, rather than twelve as it is in a standard pocket watch. It would only set you back the price of an economy car.

If anyone wants to spend $16k on a present for me, this is what I'd like you to buy.  :)

Another by Jaeger leColtre, more flashy than I'd personally wear, but beautiful enamel work. It's from 1894, it's actually slightly less expensive than the one above, but still out of my price range. Until I get stinking rich from this whole author thing I'll just have to buy the cheap knock-offs every few years (they keep breaking on me) and dream.

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