Friday, January 14, 2011

The Progress Bar 2

Total word count 31,744

Two weeks in and I am still holding. I have not had a single day below 2,000 words and I even hit 3,300 on Thursday. It seems counter-intuitive but I find that the days where I have the greatest output are also the days where the writing works the best. Perhaps the output is high because the writing is going so well.

I feel like I've hit my stride. I think my first 10,000 words will need a re-draft before I edit, I didn't have the proper feel for the voice and the characters, not like I do now at any rate.

This week:

Konrad acquired the beginnings of an education, thanks to the tutelage of Doctor Carson.

He realized that running away would not solve his problems, and has decided to be proactive, if only for purely selfish reasons (he is a bit of a reluctant hero).

Konrad's love interest, Zylphia, has been introduced. I love her name, I found it while searching through nineteenth century English names. She is super pissed off at Konrad at the moment (for no fault of his) but she'll come around in time.

He also has regular friends and a proper set of clothes for the first time in his life.

Konrad has learned to fly, and he's discovered he has a true talent for it. It seems that he has found his niche, a place in the world where he can be truly happy. If he can ever get Zylphia to stop hating him life would be perfect as far as he's concerned. Alas, I'm a cruel author and will soon have to crush his dreams.

I am contemplating titles. "Going Down", aside from being a sexual term that I do not especially want this book to be associated with, is not a terribly inspiring title. The others I have come up with are unsatisfactory so far. "Ather Earth" does not roll off the tongue and really says nothing. "City in the Sky" is equally vague. I need something catchy, I think I'd like to work 'aether' in there somewhere.... I'll be sure to mention it here if I come up with anything good.


Anonymous said...

I vote for "Aether Earth".

Mark Fenger said...

I've actually come up with a few more. "Aether Earth" bugs me because it says nothing at all. My new working title is "Child of Aether" which actually means something in the context of the book.