Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writing Versus Editing

I have been editing lately, which I suppose is why I haven't been on here as much.

To me writing is enervating, exciting and new. I get to create and worry about polishing at a later date. I can focus exclusively on what is good in my own writing and just enjoy, knowing that any bad parts can be excised later.

Well, now it is later. Editing is when I take a cold hard look at everything I've written and I have to focus on the bad parts. After a few days it is hard to keep confidence that the book is even worth an agent or a publisher's time. Harder still, to imagine that it will actually be published one day. Fortunately the feedback I've received so far has all been extremely positive. My readers all have points they would like me to fix but every one so far has said that, overlooking some blemishes which can easily be fixed, it is something they would expect to see on the shelf of a book store. I need to hear that from time to time, as I am sure you other writers out there know all too well, writing is a lonely business.

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